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March 2, 2017
Garage doors

A well installed garage door will remain in great condition for a long time, however time and the elements will take a toll after some time. If your garage door sustains some unexpected damage, its been in use for a long time, or if a motor dies it is always a good idea to call for  professional garage door repair. The proper professional provides benefits of time, safety, and prevention that a DIY repair cannot.

 Safety First

A garage door has a lot of moving parts that, if not handled properly, could be dangerous. The many running gears are no trifle matter and it is easy for clothing, skin,  hair, or fingers to get caught. It is better to allow a professional who is trained in handling these intricate moving pieces as they are versed in how to diagnose, deconstruct, and repair with caution. While the temptation of YouTube videos may make certain aspects look easy, the people in the videos usually have prior expression and the necessary tools. However a YouTube video does not always stress the safety issues, methods of proper handling, and how to diagnose situations in which multiple parts may need to be replaced or dealt with. YouTube is a great place to get some knowledge to understand how your door operates, but it is not the place to go to for professional help. Dangers such as electricity, moving parts, heavy garage door parts, and heights is something that can lead to a very lofty hospital fee. Instead of taking an unnecessary risk, allowing a professional to service your garage door will ensure that it returns to good working order in a safely manner.


You may have experience with some in home repairs, but  an  automatic garage door repair is an entirely different world. Between moving gears, miscellaneous parts, and circuitry, there is a lot that can be overlooked if you are not a trained professional. And if you overlook something, it may actually make the situation a lot worse than before. If you were dealing with a deal motor and didn’t notice some bad wiring, you could potentially cause a fire, incur a larger repair, or even need to replace multiple parts later on. Allowing a professional to handle these matters will not only remedy the situation you have at hand, but prevent any problems in the near future. Professionals are trained to inspect all parts and test overall operation to assess what damages have occurred and how to address them.

Time & Money

If your garage door has broken down, time is of the essence. By allowing a professional to handle the situation, you are making sure that your door will be repaired as quickly as possible without all of the guess work. In some cases, you may even be presented with the alternative of replacing an old and worn garage door with a  new model that would be more cost efficient than repairing the original. A new garage door can be much visually appealing , have greater functionality than your current door, and than will remain reliable for years without the worry of costly repairs. Without a professional to present you the best viable options for your garage door, you may be missing out  on a great deal.

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