9 Tips To Avoid Getting Locked Out

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The best way to avoid getting locked out of your home or apartment simply involves considering it a possibility before it ever happens. This will give you the luxury of preparing and will ensure that you are a lot less likely avoid getting locked out. With that said, let’s take a look at some tips that will help you avoid a lockout. If you are currently locked out of your home or apartment, maybe these tips will help you figure out how you can get back inside.

1. Always Double Check

By making it a routine to double check your pockets, you can reduce the likelihood of forgetting your keys. It is important to make sure that you develop this as a  casual habit so that it forces you to check if you have your keys. It is crucial to do this every single time you leave your apartment, even if you are getting up to answer the door. This reinforces that you always have your keys  no matter where you go. It might sound a little tedious, but many lockout situations have been avoided by a routine double check. One of the best ways to facilitate this routine is to have your keys hanging by or on a table close to your door.

2. Utilize A Spare

Spare keys are often overlooked as a necessity in most people’s lives. A spare key is pretty much meant to be your backup key for when situations like apartment lockouts occur. Chances are if you ever find yourself locked out, and you have a spare key, you will not have to reach out to anyone for assistance. Not only does this save you time, it also saves you money in the long run by avoiding the trouble of having to call a locksmith. Spare keys are relative inexpensive to have made  and if you happen to know a local locksmith in your neighborhood, they can most definitely help cut you a spare key.

3. Key Buddies

A key buddy can be a friend, relative, or another tenant that you trust. The purpose of having a key buddy is to simply have another person, aside from yourself, that has access to a spare key. The key thing  is that your key buddy is someone that  you can trust not to abuse, lose, or take advantage of having access to your home or apartment. If you ever happen to lose your key or forget it inside your apartment, you can always count on your key buddy to bail you out. When choosing your key buddy, you are also going to want to consider certain things aside from trust. For example, how close are they to you? Would they be willing to drive out if you’re locked out? Are they easy to get in contact with? Taking some time to think about who your key buddy will be is always a good measure to take.

4. Master Key Systems

Master key systems are widely used in apartment buildings, so there is a chance that your landlord has a master key that gives them access to each apartment unit. In order to avoid being locked out, you should take some time to ask about the master key system and how to approach a lock out. Having this conversation will allow you to verify that they have a master key, and give you a means of how to best approach a lockout situation.

5. Map Out Local Locksmiths

Its always good caution to make note of local locksmith services in your area.The last thing you will want to deal with is the stress of having to wait a long time to find a locksmith and wait for their arrival. At Home Service Deals, we have local locksmiths in your area that can arrive within 30 minutes of you call if not sooner. Additionally we provide fair prices that can’t be beat for whatever your lockout situation may be.

6. Upgrade Unit Locks

Given the advancements in technology, you can replace traditional locks with those that you can unlock with your smartphone. While you are more likely to misplace or lose your keys, it is less likely that you will lose your phone. Some additional benefits to having some amazing new locks is that your apartment will now be primed for  other home automation devices, and will set the groundwork that convert your living space into a smart home. Not only will you avoid getting locked out of your apartment, you will also be able to upgrade various aspects of your home. This process will  give you more control over your apartment and increase your security.

7.Access Points

Even in a dire situation, you can’t help but consider if you’re “completely” locked out. For homes an apartments, it is always a good measure to note how you are able to gain access for security reasons and to avoid getting locked out. By getting familiar with the lay of  your living space, not only will you avoid a lockout, but it also gives you an idea of the entry ways that burglars can exploit. Discovering these entry points will help you assess the security of your apartment and aid you in fortifying any weak points.

8. Proper Lock Management

There may be times where you will have your keys but still find yourself in the midst of an ordeal. This can occur when proper maintenance is neglected. A lock that is not working is just as frustrating, if not more, than forgetting your keys. For this reason it is always good to have a plan for scheduled maintenance. Properly maintaining your locks will lower the likelihood of calling a locksmith. Much like anything else, locks begin to wear down with time and continued use, so it is important to maintain them so that your keys don’t break off in the lock.

9. Always Be Ready

Last but not the least, it is crucial that your key is always readily accessible. While this was stated before, it is incredibly important to stress. It is important to have your key stored in a way that makes it easy to reach, while still keeping it in sight a majority of the time. One of the best ways to do this is to put your apartment keys on a lanyard or to attach them to something like a key charm to make it stand out. Sometimes people call a locksmith when their key isn’t even lost, and is instead is simply not easily visible. It is crucial to make sure the key is readily available so that you do not run the risk of misplacing it.

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